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Silverstone Here We Come....!!

With just over a week to go Team LARR Motorsport are putting the final preparations together for the opening race of the 2024 EnduroKA series.

Next Saturday will see the team head off to the home of the British F1 Grand Prix and the legendary circuit of Silverstone where they will line up alongside around 40 identical Ford KA's on Sunday 14th April. Using the fast and sweeping National Circuit Layout will see the cars taking the likes of the famous 'Copse' corner flat out giving drivers a real appreciation of how the top flight F1 competitors hit the corner at speeds in the region of 170 miles per hour. A far cry from the little KA's peaking at around 80 - 90 mph...!! Even at these speeds it takes skill and nerve to enter the blind corner with the accelerator flat to the floor.

2023 Team LARR Motorsport had an outstanding finish in their first ever event at the Silverstone Circuit and with a seasons experience behind them they are looking to better their finish position, hopefully a podium spot. However, there is a great deal that can influence the outcome, such as strategy, safety cars and mechanical gremlins but at this point the team are fairly confident that all is covered in their planning and the exceptional work undertaken by the guys at Newton Garage Chester.

In the off season, Neil and Jordan have taken the cars on a few test days and on some occasions taken sponsors or guests out in the car, which has certainly opened the eyes of many to the speed of the KA compared to much more powerful machinery on track.


The team still have a few available spots on the car for advertising for the Silverstone round and those taking up the option to sponsor the team will be rewarded with some outstanding coverage from our social platforms and subsequent media coverage from the championship which includes live feeds. Why not consider our 'Sponsor a Tyre Initiative' with prices starting as little as £50 per round? Click here if interested

We wish to thanks those who have supported the team to date and allowed participation in the 2024 EnduroKA series.

Steve Antrobus - Newton Garage Chester

Pat Loftus - Aspire Building and Joinery

Our dedicated support crew:

James Bannon

Graeme Norris

Michael Greenhough

Jessica Horrocks

Sarah Norris

Bev Jay

And all our followers and supporters

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