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Sponsorship Opportunities with Team LARR Motorsport - Sponsor a Tyre Initiative - Oulton Park Round

As we head ever nearer the next round of the highly acclaimed EnduroKA Series Team LARR Motorsport are gathering support towards the essential costs of consumables. In particular tyres..!

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Sponsorship Opportunities with Team LARR Motorsport - Sponsor a Tyre Initiative - Oulton Park Round

Building on Success

With just three rounds under our belt we have already shown organisers and fellow competitors that we can not only keep pace with more experienced teams, but also run at the front, which was clearly demonstrated at Donington park. Running in 1st position for the majority of the opening hour Jordan Bannon then kept pace and slotted into second place. The overall conclusion after five grueling hours was a tremendous fifth place. All covered on the live feed videos which gave current supporting partners plenty of exposure.

Sponsor One Tyre - Keeping the Costs Reasonable

As in all forms of motorsport to be competitive you have to run with a stock of new tyres. It is for that reason we decided to launch the 'Sponsor a Tyre Initiative' which keeps the cost of any partner / sponsor support to a reasonable level.

On average the team will go through six tyres in a five hour race, but that excludes any unforeseen issues such as punctures. Each tyre costing £102 (inc vat), so we need to account for £615 per race.

Contributions towards tyres as a supporting sponsor start at just £80, which is not the full cost of the tyre, but certainly valued assistance towards our budget.

Giving Your Support Recognition

Those who already follow the team will give testament to the coverage we provide for support, from all our social media platforms, through to press releases and decals on the car.** Add to this live feed coverage of races then there is always an opportunity to get noticed across a wide area.

**depending on level of support

Want to lend your support, or just wan to know more, then click on the link below and the team will be in touch

Thank you to all our existing partners for their valued support

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