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Welcome to our New Website

We are delighted to bring to you our new website for Team LARR Motorsport.

In just a short space of time the team has showed outstanding performance in the 2023 EnduroKA series and has gained many followers. Thus the reason for taking the next step in our development to design a website to allow current sponsors to gain exposure and recognition, plus attract more fans to the thrilling EnduroKA series.

With just three rounds completed, we have already exceeded our expectations of just crossing the line after an enduring five or six hours, and we pushed hard to clinch an 11th overall finish at round one, then followed by and exiting conclusion to round three taking a very respectable 5th position overall.!!

We hope you enjoy keeping up to date with our exploits and sincerely thank you for all your support up to date. Watch this space for more news coming over the following weeks.

Neil & Jordan

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